The weather in 2018 has been rather mild at times for January and February. But all that is about to change with the winter ending and the spring due to begin. A Baltic blast from the east has caused me to re-assess my wardrobe and maybe keep hold of my gloves and hat a little longer than planned! My process of changing from scarf to hanging wrap for my daytime wardrobe is usually around this time, but after opening the curtains today, I think I am going to have to keep styling my cashmere pashmina collection as a pashmina scarf for at least the next few days!

Winter White Pashmina Wrap

It is always nice to brighten up any outfit especially when the background is a blanket of white snow. One in this situation is always gravitating towards the bold, strong, vibrant colours – but what better time to pull out the white wardrobe than when we have this weather! So for me, it is all about the white pashmina today – the extra length and width of a pashmina allows for a thicker and chunkier pashmina scarf, making it perfect for this weather. Throw in a matching white bobble hat and gloves and you have the finished article 🙂

…What’s more, when I head to the coffee shop later my versatile pashmina wraps can be turned in to a cuddly white wrap, allowing me to take off my coat whilst keeping warm, because let’s face it, no one wants to keep a chunky coat on inside!

Winter Whites For A Winter Wedding

Weddings are becoming a more all year-round occasion due to the rising cost to have one. February is usually the most affordable time of the year for a wedding so they have become very popular with couples in their 20s and 30’s. If you are heading to a wedding over the next few days, you may want to re-assess your outfit due to the weather. Keeping with today’s theme, a white shawl is ideal for this time of year and complements a huge range of dresses and colours. Its elegance personified and is a popular choice for weddings at this time of year. 99% of our orders arrive within 1 working day, so if you are in need of a shawl quickly (due to this baltic weather) then we can take care of that for you today! Order now and have your new winter wrap arrive tomorrow!

Today’s Style Guide Concluded

So today’s style for me is a cosy black mac coat with white hat, gloves and a cashmere pashmina styled in to a cashmere scarf, with some snuggly boots.

Have a lovely day in the snow to all our readers, stay safe and wrap up warm!