Winter weddings are always a beautiful occasion, particularly when you have the fortune of snow as your backdrop – everything associated with a wedding appears more beautiful. Regardless of whether there is snow, one thing is for sure – it is always mighty cold! Whether you live in London or New York or just about anywhere in Europe, a winter wedding is guaranteed to be a cold one! So it is time to adjust those dresses and wrap up warm with a wedding wrap in 2018.

Winter Wedding Wrap

The winter wedding often includes colours of navy and red, with the latter being popular in the build up to Christmas. With this, you will often see a white wrap as the complementing finishing accessory as it matches both the dress colour and the surrounding scenery. Its soft appearance accentuates the dress and person that its wrapped around and for that reason a white pashmina is very popular for bridesmaids and guests.

Winter Bridal Wrap

Weddings are all about the bride on her big day. Colour co-ordination is key and most brides will often stick with a neutral shade of either white or ivory to match their wedding dress when choosing their bridal wrap. You don’t want to take too much away from your dress, so a subtle and elegant wrap will keep you warm on colder winter days.

Mother Of The Bride – White Shawl

Second, behind only to the bride herself is the mother of the bride – this elegant lady receives the next most attention on a wedding day. An elegant lady deserves an elegant shawl. Keeping with the white theme, a white shawl fits this bill perfectly – whether your outfit is a toned subtle shade or quite the opposite, and contains strong bold colours, a white wrap will complement it perfectly.

A Pashminas and Wraps Wedding

From a wedding pashmina for guests to a bridal shawl for brides on their big day, Pashminas and Wraps has the perfect wrap for a winter wedding. Shop our full collection today.