Good morning!

Now not to make anyone jealous but as I write this post I am off on my travels to Santorini for a week away – so I thought what better time than to discuss travel wraps 🙂

As I sit here in the airport terminal I’ve got my travel wrap to accompany me. When we say travel wrap we simply mean a pashmina/shawl/wrap. The one I am wearing today is a black cashmere wrap but I have many more colours.

My personal favourite is my navy shade. It is a beautiful navy pashmina with a subtle fringe finish. All are featherweight which is ideal for travelling. Now most women will use a travel wrap in one way – draped over the shoulders, but I will show you throughout my holiday multiple uses, all of which you will thank me for later in the summer when you yourselves are on your travel 🙂

The Travel Wrap – Utilise its Versatility

Now as just mentioned, the most common use of a travel wrap is simply over the shoulders, but there are many ways you can use your pashmina wrap for handy uses. The first is when you first get on the plane – if you’re like me then the air conditioning is a bug bear for many travelling jetsetters – why do travel companies always insist on having the air con on what feels about -50c!? So one thing I always do is turn my travel wrap in to a blanket; usually covering my legs as this is where you tend to get the most draft. The generous size of a typical shawl is 200x70cm and this is more than sufficient to cover your legs (and if they’re lucky, your partner’s too!).

Travel Wrap / Luxury Pillow

Now once the plane has taken off (and the air stewardess has turned down the air con), you can roll your pashmina shawl up in to a nice, comfy pillow. This works great if you are on a longer flight and you fancy a snooze. In this instance, any travel wrap works well but to prevent creasing I strongly recommend a cashmere wrap for this – why? because this luxurious wool is extremely difficult to crease. Add to this that it is one of the softest materials in the world and you’ve got yourself a £135 pillow 🙂

The No Crease Cashmere Pashmina Wrap

Now that you’ve caught up on beauty sleep, the aeroplane wheels have touched down and you’re hit with sunshine and that warm, thick air, it’s time to pack that pashmina away! No need to worry about the first 15kg bag allowance – all of our travel wraps are lightweight – and remember, if you opt for a cashmere pashmina then there will be no creasing.

So already, we have identified 4 useful ways to utilise a travel wrap. I’m now off to my hotel but I’ll check back in a few days time with my next useful hints for maximising the use of a travel wrap.

Avtίo for now!