Good evening from Perissa Beach, Santorini! We have just got back from a wondering evening along the front, sipped of a few cocktails and we are now currently sat on our balcony admiring the stunning moonlit sea. So I thought now was a good time to discuss part 2 of our summer essential blog – the travel wrap.

As previously mentioned in part 1, our wonderful ladies wraps are ideal for a range of situations whilst travelling on holiday – from preventing the air conditioning on the plane from freezing your limbs to using it as a comfy pillow, we will now look at the more traditional uses of taking a pashmina wrap on your summer holidays…

  1. The evening wrap – a popular choice for many women is to use the travel wrap for evening walks along the beach front and to drape over their shoulders whilst they dine out.
  2. Following on from this, is when you go for a few cocktails before or after your meal. Often in an evening is when the temperature drops and if like me you like to people watch whilst sipping on a mojito then an evening shawl draped gently over your shoulders is just ideal.
  3. Daytime sightseeing – if sunbathing all day is not your thing then sightseeing is the way most tourists spend their time in Santorini. A handy lightweight travel wrap is therefore ideal as it not only keeps off any breeze but it also prevents your skin from the sun. In this situation I would strongly recommend a cashmere pashmina from Pashminas and Wraps as their featherweight feel allows your skin to breath regardless of temperature.
  4. The cruise – It is not just on a summer holiday where a travel wrap can come in handy – cruises are very popular with ladies of all ages sporting a wrap – especially for any black gala dining to compliment a dinner dress but also simply to wrap around them whilst on the boat deck or island-hopping during boat docking. With a cruise, a cashmere wrap is often the most popular choice for our customers and in particular a black pashmina as it matches the black tie dinner galas that often take place on cruises.

I am going to sign off now but I will be back next week to discuss all things pashmina shawl wrap scarves.

I hope you enjoyed this read and remember to take advantage of our 20% summer saving perfect if you are attending a formal and going on holiday this summer.