Prior to launching Pashminas & Wraps little over a year ago we were already hard at work sourcing our shawls from all around the world. We looked far and wide, took numerous samples and finally found the perfect combination in the two current collections that we have today.

We didn’t simply want to provide the UK with just another cashmere wrap or just another pashmina shawl made in China, that other retailers were offering at that time. We wanted to offer something different and more importantly we wanted to offer premium quality ladies wraps that customers were happy to pay a little more for, but were assured by the quality they were buying. This is where we introduced the Pashminas and Wraps brand.

Sourcing The Finest Cashmere

The internet is flooded with cashmere pashminas. Distinguishing the difference between them all is difficult. True cashmere comes from the Himalayan mountains and specifically Kashmere in India and secondly Nepal. The difference in cashmere between the two is important. They are both premium quality but it is widely regarded that cashmere from Nepal is of the highest grade. Sourced and cut from the Chyangra mountain goat, the cashmere used here is extracted in an extremely eco-friendly and sustainable way and that the labour is made up of predominantly women, we really felt strongly that we wanted to support and sell this type of luxury cashmere from Nepal.

Next we had to find a partner that we could work with that would hand-make our garments to the specifications we required. We found that and to this day have a great relationship and continue to produce the highest quality premium cashmere shawls available anywhere in the world.

Made in Italy

Our second collection that we are proud to present and sell are our Italian pashminas. These are premium quality, affordable pashmina shawl wrap scarves made in Italy. We really wanted to source an affordable high quality pashmina from Europe and where better than from the beautiful country of Italy. Known for its fashion and craftsmanship in luxury, we worked hard to source a partner that again, could manufacture a quality women’s wrap at an affordable price. Now unfortunately since we have launched this collection, there have been numerous imitations from other retailiers and suppliers. Now we can’t tell you if these are genuine or not, but all as we can assure is that when you purchase a Pashminas and Wraps Italian pashmina wrap, they are 100% made in Italy 🙂


When shopping around be sure you know exactly what you are buying. We can’t speak for other retailers, we can only speak for ourselves; and when purchasing from Pashminas and Wraps we guarantee an excellent quality garment.