Comfort sometimes kills fashion! Like when you choose sneakers over heels due to the comfort or when you choose to wear jeans over skirts. Of course, comfort varies from person to person, but this is a general idea whatsoever.

And it also depends on seasons. Summers are for shorts; spring is for beautiful dresses and winters are for layers. Well, the last one kills fashion right there!

Winter seems problematic when it comes to fashion?

As winter approaches, people start wearing layers over layers but that doesn’t look good, and on top of that, it’ll make you look chubby. More importantly, you will feel problematic to walk around wearing so many layers, and you might feel unattractive too.

You are required to understand that wearing so many items might keep you warm, but certain thin materials will keep you warmer, and you won’t even lose style. For example a silk scarf!


Style and comfort can be jammed into one known as silk. Although nylon shall also keep you warm, silk is a better choice. It portrays class and worth, without losing the comfort. That’s the reason you will mostly find a silk lining under any quality garments.

How to style a silk scarf with your attire?

Now, let’s discuss how you can wear it so that your apparels look stylish without feeling the chills of winter.

You can wear it over a sweater, a jacket or a blouse or you can put on your coat and wear the silk scarf on it. Also, you can pair it with a light jacket. Or you can carry it in your bag, and when you reach the party or some meeting, you can just take off your overcoat and wear a scarf made of silk instead.

If you want to stand out among the crowd, you should check out the hand-dyed scarves. The colours, patterns and designs are impeccable. If you wear it with any outfit, your old clothes will look fresh and different.

You will also find a huge range of collection which might startle you a bit but the right one is going to steal your gaze. Craftsmen work hard to come up with such brilliant fabrics and paint amazing designs on them with the help of silk dyes and special techniques.

So, to look stunning and gorgeous, get a 100% authentic silk scarf. If you wear one of these unique products, you can rest be assured that you won’t bump into another woman wearing a similar item because these are very rare and very difficult to produce. Thus, they are not manufactured in huge numbers.

What are you waiting for? Get your scarf, pair it with your outfit and steal the show.