The Royal wedding was a spectacle, full of celebrities, icons and brought about a new chapter in the dynasty of the Royal Family.

The new Duchess of Sussex looked elegant in her ivory dress – but one couldn’t help think that a luxurious bridal shawl to match would have complemented wonderfully. But not too worry, the star-studded guest list of 2,000+ people made up for it, with what seemed every female guest sat there in an extravagant hat and matching wedding wrap. To be honest, I was surprised other guests could see the ceremony with all the outlandish hats in their way!

On the day, I was seeing a lot of blue hats and blue pashminas in particular, with the cobalt blue and dusky blue shades a very popular choice. A cobalt blue pashmina has always been popular with weddings so it was no surprise. True fact! – Cobalt blue is often mistaken for rich blue but a true rich blue pashmina follows Pantone’s Rich Blue shade of 19-3955.

The dusky blue pashmina on the other hand is something that become a very popular wedding shawl in the last 2 years (predominantly since it won Pantone’s colour of the year in 2016). Its subtle, pastel tone has made it thee choice for colour matching for brides and guests alike.

What I love about Prince Harry and Meghan is their genuine humbleness. The 2,000 or so guests wasn’t just celebrities but everyday people who make a difference and attempt to make Great Britain great!

The beauty of a pashmina is that you don’t have to be rich to own one. Once seen as only worn by Royalty, a pashmina shawl such as a cashmere pashmina are now worn by the everyday person mainly due to their affordability and their versatility allowing them to become a staple fashion accessory. This is why we also saw so many sporting a bold black coloured wrap, of which we suspect would of had the Pashminas & Wraps label inside 😉

The day was a great success and it brought the country together, in a time that is surrounded by uncertainty, so it was a lovely day all in all… the only thing we were missing was a Bank Holiday – Prince William is winning for that one! 🙂

From everyone at Pashminas & Wraps we would like to wish the happy couple a long and happy marriage.