When purchasing a pashmina shawl wrap scarf from Pashminas and Wraps, you don’t just receive a high quality garment, you also receive versatility. A pashmina from us is so much more than just a ladies wrap – It’s a multi-purpose accessory that can be used time and time again in a variety of ways and for a variety of occasions! It is an essential component to any wardrobe and it an essential finishing touch to both formal wear and daytime wear. In this post we’ll explain the various ways we use our pashminas and wraps for, and hopefully give you ideas for 2018.

The Pashmina Shawl

The most popular interpretation of our garments is the pashmina shawl – the pashmina shawl is most commonly associated with formal occasions – it is the go to phrase when looking for a ladies shawl / pashmina to match a formal event including weddings, balls, ladies days and dining out. Other common phrases include evening wraps and evening shawls. A pashmina shawl is the perfect finishing accessory and look for a dress or outfit and works wonders for women when wanting to keep off that evening chill, as the weather cools and the day winds down.

The Pashmina Scarf

Most common with autumn and winter, thousands of customers flock to the Pashminas and Wraps website to take advantage of the versatility our pashminas have to offer by turning our stunning wraps in to beautiful and snuggly scarves. The generous length and size a pashmina wrap has to offer means they can be utilised and wrapped in to a variety of shapes to create the perfect pashmina scarf. A firm and popular favourite for this is turning a P&W cashmere pashmina in to a cosy cashmere scarf. You will literally be surprised just how many ways there are to tie these versatile pieces! – Keep an eye out for our forthcoming blog post which shows you just how!

The Travel Wrap

A popular choice during the holiday season, our pashmina wraps make the the travel wrap for the holidaymakers and keen travellers. The versatility and size of our women’s wraps can be used to create the perfect travel companion for your holiday. Lightweight, cosy and easy to fold, wrap around you for your flight or put away in your suitcase for the cooler evening walks along the beach.

Let’s Wrap This Up…

Now there are many more ways we can discuss the versatility of our pashmina shawl wrap scarves, but trying to fit it all into one blog post is just too difficult! But we hope we have managed to expand your thinking into just how versatile a Pashminas and Wraps garment can just be, and we hope going into 2018 you can have as much fun accessorising up your wardrobe just as much as we do!

See you next time!