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Welcome to Pashminas and Wraps – the UK’s leading online retailer of beautiful pashminas. Here you can find the largest selection of high quality pashminas available in the United Kingdom. We explore the finest areas of the world to provide you with the finest garments in the world. Our stunning pashmina range includes pashminas from both Italy and Nepal and we are proud to sow our pashmina brand into these pashmina collections. We have a pashmina for every occasion and for every season. Explore our full pashmina collection today and find the perfect match for you, your outfit or the occasion you require it for now.

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Pashminas and Wraps is more than just a retailer – We are a pashmina brand. When you see a pashmina with the Pashminas & Wraps logo sown in, you know you are receiving a pashmina that is of high quality and is well produced. Even more than that, our brand provides versatility… Each and every one of our pashminas from our pashmina collection is versatile, timeless and elegant. Whether you require a pashmina for a formal occasion, daytime wardrobe or to use a travel companion on your travels, a Pashminas and Wraps pashmina is a multi-purpose accessory that you can utilise all-year round!

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The History of the Pashmina

A pashmina, plural pashminas, is a piece of fabric worn around the neck or shoulders for warmth, for fashion, as protection from the sun or for religious reasons. A pashmina can be made in a variety of different materials such as wool, pashm, cashmere, linen or polyester/viscose.

Pashminas have been worn since ancient times, even dating back to the 9th century BC. In Ancient Rome, the pashmina was used to keep the shoulders and upper body clean rather than for warmth or as a fashion accessory. Roman men used the pashmina to wipe the sweat from their neck and face during the hot summer months.

During the reign of the Chinese Emperor Cheng, pashminas made of cloth and of different colors were used to identify officers or the rank of Chinese warriors.

During the 17th century a Croation soldier would where a pashmina around the shoulders, again to denote his rank. The only difference in the soldiers’ pashmina that demoninated difference in rank was that the officers had a silk pashmina whilst the other ranks were issued with cotton or a linen pashmina.

By the early 19th century, the pashmina had became a real fashion accessory not just for women but for men as well. This included rare fabrics that were imported fron the East to Europe and included cashmere and silk. By the middle of the 20th century, a pashmina had became one of the most important and functional fashion accessories for both men and women.

The Many Uses of a Pashmina

A Pashmina provides the required warmth during the winter months, with many women wearing the pashmina around their neck or to cover their face to protect themselves from the winter weather. Nevertheless, a pashmina can also be used for many other things than what they were originally weaved for.

Here are some ideas of the many uses of the Pashmina

In Interior Design to Enhance the Living Area

A pashmina can be used as a textile / decoration material. Check out these ideas. Thrown over the top and back of a chair. A pashmina can also be used as a full table cloth or as a center piece in the middle of the table. A pashmina that comes in myriad of colours and increases the energy level of the living area. A pashmina is often used on a candle lit dinner table. The synthesis of a candle lit room and the countless colours of pashmina encourage positive energy in the living space.

To Wrap a Baby

Every pashmina that is sold at Pashminas and Wraps is so soft that you can wrap a new born baby with one or alternatively can be used as an over-blanket or a bedspread.

To Wrap up a Gift or Present

Giving a present? A pashmina can be used to wrap up a present beautifully. Just a simple knot on the present is adequate to make it look very special. The great thing about this idea is the the pashmina wrapper itself can be given as an additional present by the receiver.

Leisure Time – Relaxing at the Beach or Park

Going to the park? A pashmina comes in a large selection of sizes and so it can be used for multiple purposes depending on the size of the pashmina. A large pashmina can be spread out on the park grass or the beach to sit on and relax.

Wedding Pashmina – To Cover Exposed Arms and Shoulders

A pashmina can be used to cover up exposed arms and shoulders. Most wedding or bridesmaid dresses come sleeveless and so a pashmina can be used to cover the exposed arms very elegantly and provide a luxurious contrast with the dresses.

Pashmina – The Fashion Accessory – Spicing up the Appearance

A pashmina can help in increasing the elegance of the dress and the overall fashion style appearance. It can be used as a conventional scarf around the neck, the head or the face. The pashmina can also be used as a belt and it looks very elegant when worn by pulling it through the belt loops. The bold block colours of a Pashminas and Wraps of London pashmina make a plain coloured dress look stunning and vivacious.

Stylish Ways to Wear Your Pashmina

Besides the quality and feel good factor of wearing a pashmina the diverse ways of wearing a pashmina is one of the most important reasons for the rising demand for wear this multi-functional fashion accessory.
supplemented by the quality of a pashmina.

Here are a few ways of wearing your pashmina.

3 Stunning Pashmina collections

A pashmina comes in many different colours to suit the different shades of the clothing that we wear. This popular and comfy fashion accessory has earned a lot of attention from fashionista’s all over the world. The pashmina has become an exclusive accessory which almost every woman in the world wants to own. To meet these demands Pashminas and Wraps of London has manufactured 3 stunning collections to meet demand. These include the affordable Italian Pashmina Collection. The mid range Merino Wool Pashmina Collection and last but not least the exclusive 100% Pure Handmade Cashmere Pashmina Collection.

These 3 pashmina collections have been designed without making any compromise on the quality or the range of colours. Every pashmina has the famous P&W label sown into the pashmina indicating the percentage of wool or cashmere along with the ‘pashmina care’ instructions.

Stylish Ways to Wear Your Pashmina

Besides the quality and feel good factor of wearing a pashmina the diverse ways of wearing a pashmina is one of the most important reasons for the rising demand for wear this multi-functional fashion accessory.
supplemented by the quality of a pashmina.

Here are a few ways of wearing a pashmina

You Can Wear Your Pashmina As A Shawl

For the colder months, you can hang your pashmina around the shoulders. Let the ends hang loosely on your chest or alternatively let one hang over your chest and the other throw over your shoulder.

Wear A Full Shawl Wrap

Hang the pashmina around youand then crossover andtie the ends in front of your chest. This full shawl wrap style keeps the shawl from falling off your shoulders.

The European Look

Fold the pashmina in half lenghtways and hang it around your neck. Take the two loose ends and thread through the loop at the other end. Pull them through for a comfy fit. You ceave the ends hanging in front of you or tuck them into your jacket. the choice is yours.

Make A Creative Knot

Drape the pashmina around your neck so both sides are equal in length. Tie a loose knot in the middle of the right side and pass the left side through it – or vice-versa. Pull the knot to tighten for a comfy fit.

Need A Head Scarf? Make Use Of A Pashmina

You have 3 options here; 1st – place the pashmina over your head and tie the ends at the nape of your neck or the 2nd option is similar to the 1st but let the loose pieces hang around your neck and shoulders. The 3rd option is to fold the pashmina in half and wear it more as a head band, which allows your hair to fall beneath it.

The Narrow Pashmina

Just fold the pashmina lengthwise three – five times. Simply wrap it around your neck once or twice and let the ends drape down.

Accessorize Your Coat Or Jacket

Again fold the pashmina three – four times lengthwise and hang it around your shoulders under the collar of your jacket or coat. Alternatively you can leave the ends hanging in front of your chest and throw the other end over your shoulder. The choice is yours

Tie As A Sarong

Wrap the pashmina around your waist and tie the ends together on the hip. This is a great way to adorn fitted pants, a dress or a skirt.

Our Final Tip On Wearing Your Pashmina

When you buy a pashmina from Pashminas and Wraps of London, take into consideration choosing one that actually suits your complexion. Go for neutral colours as they are the most versatile. Spicy bold colours suit people with darker skin tones, whilst ivory, beige and camel are best suited for those with paler complexions.

A pashmina can be used to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun and stop you getting sunburnt. A pashmina can be used as a knotted shawl to cover your back or as a headband and alternatively as a belt around your waist.

Remember, ther are no limits in getting wrapped in a pashmina. Clear your mind and go mad with your creative side.

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