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Shop our 2019 women’s pashmina scarf collection. The finest, most luxurious women’s pashmina scarves available in the UK. Made in the finest areas of the world including Italy & Nepal and exclusive to Pashminas & Wraps, each pashmina scarf collection is luxurious and elegant. Available in a range of beautiful colours and sumptuous materials, find the perfect pashmina scarf now at Pashminas & Wraps.


Made in Italy

A high quality super soft versatile Italian garment made in Italy – ideal for both formal occasions & your daytime wardrobe



Our garments make the perfect wedding accessory. Whether you’re a bride looking for the perfect bridal shawl and complementing bridal wraps for her bridesmaids, or simply a wedding guest looking for the ideal wedding pashmina scarf to match their wedding outfit, Pashminas & Wraps has the perfect one for you.

Bridesmaids Pick

Keep your bridesmaids warm this winter with our HOT PINK Made in Italy bridesmaid pashmina scarf wraps.

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Brides – Enjoy 10% OFF when you order 3 or more for you and your bridesmaids. Use code WEDDING at the checkout

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Are you in search of a particular colour or shade? We’ve made life easy for you by introducing Colour Finder. Find the perfect coloured pashmina shawl wrap scarf quickly and easily.


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Ladies Pashminas – Pashminas & Wraps

Welcome to Pashminas and Wraps – the UK’s leading online retailer of beautiful pashmina scarves. Here you can find the largest selection of high quality pashmina scarves available in the United Kingdom. We explore the finest areas of the world to provide you with the finest garments in the world. Our stunning pashmina scarf range includes garments from both Italy and Nepal. We have a pashmina scarf for every occasion and for every season. Explore our full pashmina scarf collection today and find the perfect match for you, your outfit or the occasion you require it for now.

Our Brand – A Versatile Pashmina Scarf Your Wardrobe Needs

Pashminas & Wraps is more than just a retailer – We are a pashmina scarf brand. When you see a pashmina scarf with our logo sown in, you know you are receiving the highest quality garments. Even more than that, our brand provides versatility… Each and every one of our pashmina scarves is versatile, timeless and elegant. Whether you require a pashmina scarf for a formal occasion, daytime wardrobe or to use a travel companion on your travels, a Pashminas and Wraps garment is a multi-purpose accessory that you can utilise all-year round!

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For our customers outside of the UK we have a separate website. Popular pages include: 100 cashmere pashmina, pashmina wraps, wedding shawls, cashmere pashmina wholesale, pashmina, womens wrap.