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The stunning authentic fair trade 100% pure cashmere pashmina shawl scarf wrap collection. NEXT DAY DELIVERY. Exclusive to Pashminas and Wraps of London. Handmade in Nepal. Available in 38 beautiful colours and perfect for a variety of occasions. Worldwide shipping. Shop our 2018 fair trade pure cashmere pashminas. A beautiful authentic fair trade 100% pure cashmere pashmina shawl scarf handmade in Nepal and exclusive to Pashminas & Wraps of London. This beautiful 100% pure cashmere pashmina provides an elegant look and a gorgeous featherweight feel. Buy this stunning cashmere pashmina now at Pashminas & Wraps of London.

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Material: 100% Trademarked Fair Trade Chyangra Pashmina Cashmere

Grade A – Highest grade cashmere found anywhere in the world

Featherweight feel – Just 135g in weight but maintains the same warmth

Generous size: 200cm x 70cm, with additional 2cm fringe

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Ivory Cashmere

Cream Cashmere

Beige Cashmere

Camel Cashmere

Gold Cashmere

Mustard Cashmere

Yellow Cashmere

Orange Cashmere

Coral Cashmere

Red Cashmere

Crimson Red Cashmere

Burgundy Cashmere

Brown Cashmere

Light Pink Cashmere

Magenta Pink Cashmere

Pink Cashmere

Pink Blush Cashmere

Lilac Cashmere

Violet Cashmere

Purple Cashmere

Plum Purple Cashmere

Aubergine Cashmere

Navy Cashmere

Navy Blue Cashmere

Moonlight Blue Cashmere

Cobalt Blue Cashmere

Rich Blue Cashmere

Dusky Blue Cashmere

Baby Blue Cashmere

Pale Blue Cashmere

Turquoise Cashmere

Teal Cashmere

Mint Green Cashmere

Lime Green Cashmere

Black Cashmere

Dark Grey Cashmere

Light Grey Cashmere

Silver Cashmere

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Cashmere Pashminas – Pashminas & Wraps

Welcome to Pashminas and Wraps – the UK’s leading online retailer of beautiful cashmere pashminas. Here you can find the largest selection of high quality cashmere pashminas available in the United Kingdom. We explore the finest areas of the world to provide you with the finest garments in the world. Our stunning cashmere pashmina range includes cashmere pashminas from Nepal and we are proud to sow our cashmere pashmina brand into these cashmere pashmina collections. We have a cashmere pashmina for every occasion and for every season. Explore our full cashmere pashmina collection today and find the perfect match for you, your outfit or the occasion you require it for now.

Our Brand – A Versatile Cashmere Pashmina Your Wardrobe Needs

Pashminas and Wraps is more than just a retailer – We are a cashmere pashmina brand. When you see a cashmere pashmina with the Pashminas & Wraps logo sown in, you know you are receiving a cashmere pashmina that is of high quality and is well produced. Even more than that, our brand provides versatility… Each and every one of our cashmere pashminas from our cashmere pashmina collection is versatile, timeless and elegant. Whether you require a cashmere pashmina for a formal occasion, daytime wardrobe or to use a travel companion on your travels, a Pashminas and Wraps cashmere pashmina is a multi-purpose accessory that you can utilise all-year round!

Shop premium quality cashmere pashminas now at Pashminas & Wraps.

Cashmere Pashmina – Pashminas & Wraps of London

For centuries, the cashmere pashmina woven for Pashminas and Wraps of London in our weaving centres in Nepal have been worn at some of the most prestigous ceremonies and events worldwide. Some of the worlds most powerful and stunning females have adorned a cashmere pashmina at royal weddings, the Grammy and Oscar awards, heads of state ceremonies and adorned by the supermodels on the catwalks at the London, Paris, Milan and New York fashion shows.

The cashmere pashmina has not always been affordable to the masses, due to the high cost of manufacturing, shipping costs and the inevetible high street showrooms to sell these beautiful shawls. Now with the advent of the internet and online shopping, prices have become a lot more affordable for most women and now a luxurious cashmere pashmina can adorn most women’s outfits – adding that certain elegance to any outfit.

Pashminas and Wraps of London brings to you the finest quality Cashmere Pashminas, Scarves and Stoles to your doorstep. A wide range of colours (over 39 colours) including: Ivory, Cream, Beige, Camel, Gold, Mustard, Yellow, Orange, Coral, Red, Crimson Red, Burgundy, Brown, Light Pink, Magenta Pink, Pink, Pink Blush, Lilac, Violet, Purple, Plum Purple, Aubergine, Navy, Navy Blue, Moonlight Blue, Cobalt Blue, Rich Blue, Dusky Blue, Baby Blue, Pale Blue, Turquoise, Teal, Mint Green, Lime Green, Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Silver Cashmere Pashmina are available.

What is Cashmere Pashmina Wool?

A cashmere pashmina is made from the finest cashmere wool in the world – this is called ‘pashmina’ and is combed from the under-belly of the Himalayan Mountain Goat – Capra Hircus, which are indigenous to the mountains of Central Asia – mainly Nepal and in the Himalayas. These Chyangra mountain goats live at an altitude of 3000 – 4000 metres where the temperature goes down in winter to minus 40 degrees centigrade. The thermo conductivity of this pashmina wool is the best you can get. Pashmina fibre is less than 14-19 microns in thickness making it very soft (whereas human hair is 75 microns thick). This makes every cashmere pashmina that is manufactured by Pashminas and Wraps of London extremely warm and light to wear. Sheer lightweight luxury!

Cashmere Pashmina Quality

Increasingly sought-after by fashionable women of all ages who recognize the elegance of a cashmere pashmina – a well-chosen cashmere pashmina can transform the simplest of outfits into the most elegant and chic fashion attire. But beware of fake “ordinary wool” garments impersonating as a cashmere pashmina on sale in less reputable shops. This luxurious accessory is worn close to the face and the color must suit that individuals skin tone. Due to the timeless and seasonless versatility of the pashmina, many women opt for a classic block colour that can be worn season after season or year after year. It takes the wool from 4 x Chyangra goats and up to 200 man-hours (spinning, weaving, dying and decorating) to make just 1 x cashmere pashmina. Hand-spinning the wool for a single shawl can take up to 15 days, so naturally this labour-intensive production is reflected in the price.

Cashmere Pashmina Prices

The price of a cashmere pashmina can range internationally from a few hundred euros to several thousands of euros. this is dependant on the micron fineness, rare fiber availability and time taken in its creation this includes the craftsmanship that goes into an individual shawl. With average international prices varying between 300-1000 euros for a cashmere pashmina – The average cashmere pashmina price at pashminas and Wraps of London is on average less than 180 euros per scarf.

Choosing a Cashmere Pashmina

When choosing a cashmere pashmina it is important to check whether the pashmina is 100% pure cashmere or if it has been blended with silk. We recommend 100% pure cashmere for all seasons and occasions. Our cashmere pashminas are remarkably light and super soft, but also thick enough so that the cashmere threads do not have any space between them. We have 100’s of customers who tell us how much they love their cashmere pashminas, and we guarantee that you will receive many complements when you wear your cashmere pashmina.

How to Wash or Care for your Cashmere Pashmina

We recommend to dry-clean only.

Every cashmere pashmina is washed in our factory after dying by an experienced dyer.

If you have to wash your shawl – you should wash it separately.

Put the shawl for about 15 minutes in luke warm (20° C) in approximately 12-16 litres of water.

Take the shawl out – do not or twist it! Take a bucket with 5-10 litres of water in – add 2-3 tablespoon of liquid soap or shampoo. Immerse the shawl for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes stir it with your hand gently – 4-6 times politely or turn it around a few times.

Take out the cashmere pashmina and rinse in fresh running water until water runs clear and then drip dry only (DO NO WRINGLE OR TWIST or TUMBLE DRY).

Dry in shade, away from direct sunlight; Iron it on a low – medium heat when 90% dry (not 100%).

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