Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year came out a little later than usual but here at Pashminas and Wraps we are always ready and waiting to bring the number one colour for that year to our customers. After all, no other pashmina company can do this. We never got chance to really focus on 2017’s crowning colour as it was such a busy period for us in the build up to Christmas. Now the mad winter rush is over and the formal season is reaching its beginning, we thought what better time than to introduce our new favourite shade of green – Pantone’s ‘Greenery’.

This stunningly subtle yet obvious pop of colour is a refreshing burst of a zesty yellow and green that represents a freshness of Spring and a warmth of summer. This rejuventating shade will sure to be a big hit at this year’s events and as such this beautiful green pashmina will be available to buy very soon at Pashminas & Wraps.

Greenery – Our Predicted Top 5 Shade For 2018

We are expecting big things from this green shade for 2018. Pantone’s take on this beautiful shade is meant to capture the symbolic gesture of new beginnings. So expect greenery to be a popular choice amongst brides for their choice of a wedding shawl or wedding wrap for their bridesmaids. Expect this colour to be the complementing finishing accessory for formal occasions around the UK and the rest of the world, as it goes beautifully with a range of both nude and pastel colours.

The Finest Shades For The Only Finest Cashmere Wraps & Scarves

Greenery will be exclusively available to our pure cashmere wrap collection with plans to possibly introduce to our made in Italy and forthcoming 100% merino wool pashmina scarf collections respectively in the coming months. That means come October of this year you can own your very own greenery cashmere scarf and stand out from the crowd knowing only other Pashminas and Wraps customers will be wearing this unique shade! 🙂

What is Pantone Colour Of The Year?

Pantone is widely recognised as the official brand for colours around the world. It is a snapshot of colours that reflect the world that year and what influences the mood and collective attitude whether it be in life or in the fashion industry for the forthcoming years.

When Can You Own One?

This ladies wrap will be coming soon to the Pashminas and Wraps website and also approved Pashminas & Wraps retailers.