Pashminas, which are also called cashmere pashmina, are quality woolen fabrics with an origin in Nepal. The fabric has been in existence for many centuries, used for adorning the body. In this modern day, pashminas have not been left out of fashion trends. Women all over the world wear them as scarfs, shawls and so on. Pashmina scarves are functional in all four seasons of the year which keeps it very trendy.

A pashmina can come in different colours, including orange. If you own an orange pashmina or intend to buy one but you are unsure of how well you can style the bright coloured pashmina, don’t fret. Here you will get the best ways to style your orange pashmina wrap.

How to style an orange pashmina wrap

Despite being an attractive and lovely colour, orange can also be a tricky colour to combine perfectly with other colours. Tricky as it is, it’s not impossible. Below are some of the best ways to style your orange pashmina wrap.


An orange wrap on a beige ensemble will give you a lovely result. Both colours can be related to brown and so they balance each other out perfectly. For a stylish beige and orange look, you can pair this lovely orange pashmina shawl wrap scarf with the Soutache Mesh Dress. This look will have you looking younger yet very sophisticated. For a more chic dinner ensemble, an orange Italian pashmina paired with this Pissaro Nights Beaded & Embroidered Cocktail Dress will have you looking stunning.


A yellow outfit combined with your orange shawl is perfect for both spring and summer. The colour combination can elude both youthfulness and maturity based on how it’s worn. For a youthful ensemble, the orange Italian shawl wrap can be paired with the Caged Ruffle Cap Sleeve Top and any pants or skirt of your choice. And for a mature look, the orange Italian shawl can be paired with these Tie Front Trousers and any classy top of your choice.

Navy Blue

Navy blue and orange paired together always make a fashion statement. The dark shade of the navy blue always balances the light shade of the orange correctly. To stand out with your pashmina shawl in this look, you can pair the orange cashmere pashmina scarf with the Athena Dress. For a dinner date, the orange Italian pashmina shawl is perfect when paired with this Florence Dress and for a casual day outing, you can pair the Sleeveless Fringe Shirt with the orange Italian.


You can style your orange shawl wrap by pairing it with a lemon outfit. Both lemon and orange are lovely colours which will definitely have you standing out in a crowd. The trick to this is to make sure the lemon outfit is multicoloured with either black or white to give the ensemble a solid base. The perfect lemon pair up for the orange Italian shawl wrap is with the Little Lemon Print Fit An Flare Dress.

With these tips you no longer have to hold back with that orange pashmina shawl. Don on you pashmina with style.