If you are a fan or lover of cover ups, then you definitely should get yourself one or more pashminas. Pashminas, also known as shawls or wraps, are fine lightweight cover ups made from the finest of wools. It’s worn most times by simply draping it over your shoulder, or wrapping it around them.

The colour yellow is a special one, because of its vibrancy and attractiveness. Yellow itself reminds everyone of the sun, summer, and bright sunny days. Wearing a yellow wrap will definitely make you the centre of attention. Pashminas / Shawls / Wraps have many uses, the most common of which is protecting the wearer from a chill or from the cold. There are also many ways to wear a yellow shawl, and a few of them will be discussed in this article.

Ways to wear a pashmina shawl

Here, we will be sharing some of the common ways to style a yellow pashmina:

The European way

Using this method, all you have to do is fold the pashmina shawl in half and drape it round your neck. Take the loose ends through the loop at the opposite end and hold them tight to make it snug. You can either tuck the ends in or leave them hanging in front of you.

Make a sarong

To make a sarong, simply wrap the shawl around your waist and tie the ends of the shawl at your hip. A sarong made from a pashmina can be worn over fitted jeans, swimwear, short skirts or dresses.

When to wear a yellow wrap

When it comes to yellow wraps, there are different variants in texture and colour. This is because a pashmina can come in a few different textures or materials like cashmere, merino wool and manufactured polyester/viscose. Yellow itself also comes in different shades such as amber, mustard, and the classic bright yellow. Here are some styling ideas based on the occasion:

With a mini dress to a picnic

If you’re planning to attend a picnic with your friends, family members, or on a date, a great outfit option will be a mini dress, a pair of sandals, a picnic bag or messenger bag. Drape the pashmina wrap over your shoulder and you’re good to go. A great pashmina for a picnic would be an amber shade of yellow, and would look great paired with this Yellow Cutwork Midi Bardot Dress from Dorothy Perkins

Out shopping

If you want to go out shopping on a chilly day, a yellow cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf is a great cover up option. Try a bright yellow shade and tuck in to a white or fine patterned top into some Cropped Pale Lemon Trouser Pants and some finished off with some flat shoes.

To dinner

When attending a dinner, formal or otherwise, and you feel like it’s going to be chilly or you’re in need of some extra cover up, then a cashmere pashmina is perfect for you. A subtle lemon yellow cashmere wrap will look great when worn with this Chi Chi Mandie Dress during the Spring and Summer months…

Now that you know how important having a shawl is, and ways to style one, you definitely should get some today, and look amazing always.