All through the four seasons, there’s always a need for one form of cover up or another. During the summer and spring especially, the mornings are cold, the afternoons are hot, and the evenings become cooler. One of the best cover up options at times like this is a pashmina. A pashmina is a scarf of rectangular shape and is often made from the finest and best wool or a man-made combination of polyester and viscose.

Pashminas have been in existence for a long time and at the time of their advent, they were reserved for royalty. Over time, they have become more and more popular, and everyone should get one or more in their closets. Pashmina scarves are available in many colours, materials, and designs. The colour white happens to be one of the most versatile and stylish colours. The colour represents peace, tranquility, and calmness. With a white pashmina to your name, the styling possibilities are endless.

Styling options for your white pashmina wrap

As mentioned earlier, a white wrap can be paired with virtually any outfit. In this article, we will be discussing different colour families which you can pair your white pashmina wrap with. We will also be sharing outfit ideas.

Dark colours

With a white pashmina shawl and dark-coloured outfit, you’ll create an amazing colour contrast that everyone around you is sure to love. If you have a formal or semi-formal event to attend, this Cut-Out Little Black Dress (see below) will look absolutely gorgeous when paired with a white shawl. Complete the look with black pumps and a matching black clutch for a monochromatic look. To add a pop of colour to your outfit, accessorise with bright colours like red or yellow. Another dark colour is navy or rich blue, and this Sleeveless Fringe Shirt below is the perfect match for a white pashmina wrap.


The red and white colour combination is divine, definitely made in heaven. It will look amazing on any skin tone so it’s a great option. Red is available in very many shades, and each one of them will look amazing paired with the ivory white cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf. The red Travelers Classic Reversible Tank is a great top to wear when going out shopping or on a day or night out with friends. Pair it with a pair of tight jeans such as these Curves 360 by NYDJ Jeans. A Solid Shoulder Dress in red is exactly what you need for some semi-formal functions. All can be seen below…


Another colour family that blends in perfectly with the colour white is the nude set of colours. This Zenergy Neema Utility Detail Dress and the In Full Swing Dress are great nude dresses that can be worn to weddings, dinners, parties, and get togethers. They would look perfect when worn with a pashmina shawl such as a white or ivory shade. The perfect thing about nude colours is that they complement a wide range of skin shades, so no matter your race or complexion, you’ll look great in a nude coloured dress coupled with a white pashmina wrap.

Get your white pashmina shawl today and look stunning everywhere you go.