Across the world from Asia to Africa, there’s a constant demand for a cashmere pashmina. People travel far and wide to acquire this high quality accessory. Its material is skilfully harvested from a unique mountain goat, once a year. Planning to look sophisticated yet simple? Its high-time you had started to collect these fashion gems.

Turquoise Pashmina Wrap

The beauty of the turquoise colour is one that cannot be overlooked. A colour of most sea gems, it is a mixture of more blue and less green. Accessories or clothing in this colour reflect an exquisite artistic design. For a lot of people, turquoise is a confusing yet exciting colour to behold. With its different colour hues, a turquoise pashmina is a must-have.


With resembling similarities, maroon and rust belong to the brownish red colour family; except that rust is only a few shades lighter. Pairing a turquoise cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf with a maroon/rust outfit produces an exceptional finish look. If you’re looking to wear comfortable clothes on a random day, pair Mid-Rise Pop-Colour Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans For Women with a sexy ASOS Design Cami With High Neck And Tie Back and cover up with your new turquoise wrap.

Perhaps you desire to rock the boss chic look for a work day, a rust coloured ASOS Design Cored Suit is the right bang. Knot a turquoise shawl around your neck to complement nicely. For a final touch, beautify your feet with a pair of quality court shoes.

Pink Check

Subtle, the lightest pink shade isn’t far from the white colour. In check, it is totally outstanding. Attending a networking event with brilliant minds? Wearing a Sisley Pink Check Double Breasted Blazer with a fancy inner will attract the attention you deserve. This time may be opt for a turquoise pashmina shawl wrap as some sort of fancy tie. You’ll never regret choosing the cashmere wrap over other accessories. Complete your look by sliding on this Matte New Look Cross Strap Pointed Court Shoes in light pink.


Red is daring and captivating, hence red outfits are usually worn for high profile events. If you want to give off a bold show for an event, pair the chilli red Finders Asymmetric Cami Dress below with a high quality pale turquoise shawl with a tassel finish. This red ASOS Design Pleated Midi Dress With Ruffle Open Back (see below) coupled with our Italian pashmina in pale turquoise is an impeccable match. Feel free to uniquely style your turquoise pashmina wrap. Wear this Public Desire Chelsea Black Glitter Toe Court Shoes to confidently grace the red carpet.

Mint Green

Have you been invited for a wedding? Confused about the perfect outfit for a wedding guest? This fine crafted mint green ASOS Design Frill Wrap Lace Insert Maxi Dress should be paired with a luxurious cashmere shawl in turquoise to complement excellently. Seal your look with beautiful shoes and accessories.

Now that you’ve been enlightened about the wonder of the colour turquoise, embrace its trend to keep your fashion styles popping and start your pashmina collection of various shades today.