Everyone knows that layering is in right now which makes the pashmina shawl a must-have item. It is a ladies’ wrap that has been in usage for centuries making it rich in history. Perhaps you’re looking to get layers or a cashmere scarf for the winter or looking for a dress wrap that will be useful in many other situations, then the pashmina wrap is for you.

Silver isn’t just the name of a colour, it is also the name of the valuable metal. Having the same colour as a metal regularly used for accessories makes silver even more special. What better colour to buy your soft and comfortable pashmina scarf than in silver? The classy and chic undertones of the colour will turn your outfit from an everyday one to a sophisticated look.

Now that you know why you need to get a silver pashmina, you’ll need a list of colours that will complement in nicely. So, here are a few colours that go well with the different shades of silver.

Colour coordinating your silver pashmina shawl

Pastel pink

Silver and pastel pink are a wonderful combination. The light shade of pink really brings out the metallic element of your silver shawl. Perhaps, this Relaxed Twill Popover Shirt for Women paired with a silver cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf. Both shades complement each other nicely. Another good combo will be this Mid-Rise Soft Utility Cropped Pants for Women in pink and a silver Italian pashmina scarf with a tassel finish. The first combo is a shirt and pashmina combo. The shirt is better off as long sleeved so that there will be a hint of colour under your pashmina while the second combo is a soft coloured pastel pink trousers and a light grey ladies wrap. In this situation, the pop of colour will be on your legs so you can easily wear any sort of shirt you want. It doesn’t have to be long sleeved.
All in all, these two shades respectively go nicely with each other.

Light Blue

Blue is a colour of many shades and the lighter variation is a great complementary colour of silver. When wearing your soft blue dress for a night out, a silver wrap is the wrap you need. This Chi Chi Willow Dress goes perfectly with a silver pashmina wrap. Whatever the style, a silver wrap will compliment a light blue dress beautifully.

Light yellow

Silver goes better with light variations of colour. But not many would think that yellow and silver are a great match – but we can assure you they are! The bright cheery yellow brings out the metallic tones of silver and this makes both of them stand out even more. The Jersey-Knit Sleeveless Swing Dress for Women below is a playful dress perfect for a movie night or day to day activities and goes perfectly with a shawl. This dress can be complemented by any light grey Italian pashminas.

Other colours that go nicely with silver are lilac, light green and light yellow as well as traditional combinations of purple, ivory and navy. Get a pashmina in an array of silver shades and make all your outfits look classy.