Pashminas are splendid garment with a rich history. Also often referred to as a shawl for adornment which were worn by Indian kings and queens in the past. In this modern times, a pashmina scarf are worn by ladies worldwide for beautification. The fabric is not only stylish but also gives warmth and comfort to the wearer. Despite the season, a pashmina never goes out of style.

Flashy colours can be quite tricky to pair up and if you own a red pashmina you might be unsure of how to pair it up with your outfits. Here we will be giving you a list of ways to pair up your red pashmina.

Styling your red pashmina

Red is a very bright and attention grabbing colour. It is impossible for you to hide in a crowd when wearing red. In red you stand out by default, so you have to ensure you get the right colour combination when pairing it.


White is a lovely, monochrome colour which goes with virtually everything. Wearing your red pashmina on a white outfit makes you look warm and welcoming. For a simple but stunning pashmina look, you can pair a scarlet red Italian pashmina with these Ami Stretch Ankle Skinny Jeans and Pleat Back Sleeveless Split Neck Blouse. During the Christmas holidays also, you mustn’t miss the chance to pair up your red pashmina scarf with a white outfit.


Black can be white’s twin in functionality, only it’s darker. A red wrap paired up with black will have you look absolutely daring and bold. For a stylish day at the office, a true red Italian pashmina paired with this gorgeous Happy Daze Dress is a must have.


Grey is such a beautiful colour to wear a red shawl with. This is mostly because it’s not worn too commonly but is definitely an outstanding combination. For a fancy dinner date or dinner with friends, this Share The Love Dress paired with this crimson red pashmina wrap will give you a classy look.


You can definitely pair up your red pashmina scarf with red clothes. The trick is to ensure you have a different colour of accessories to match. For this pair up, a red cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf paired up with this chic Classical Essential Reversible Tank Top and the Billie Stretch Mini Black Bootcut Jeans will be splendid. When pairing this up, ensure you have just the right amount of red on you and not too much.

Dark blue

For a statement fashion, you can pair up your red pashmina with dark blue. This colour combination is super stylish and attractive. For a travel trip, you can pair a burgundy red pashmina with this stylish Sleeveless Fringe Shirt and Ami Side Slit Fringe Hem Skinny Jeans.

Don’t hesitate to look classy and chic in your red pashmina, try out these looks today.