Pashminas are a kind of wool that are widely used and are popularly referred to as cashmere pashmina, with fashion in the West regarding the design as a pashmina as a opposed to the material it is made out of. True cashmere wraps originated from Kashmir in India and true pashmina cashmere originated from Nepal. Both get their wool of certain breeds of goats.

Pashmina shawls  are widely used by ladies around the world in association with various fashion choices as it can be used and paired with different fashion styles no matter the time and season as pashminas a broad range of variety of colours and designs to choose from.
If you own a pashmina shawl that is purple in colour and you don’t know what to pair it with then this article is just for you. Purple is a royal colour in its own right can be paired with a few other colours giving you that sophisticated look.

Styling your purple pashmina shawl

Picking the best color combination for clothing that is not black or white can be difficult at times as the wrong false combination can make you go from a fashion forward person to creating a fashion faux pas.

This article is to help you decipher and choose the best colour combination that goes with that beautiful purple pashmina you own or why you should get a purple shawl as it can go beautifully well with a lot of fashion choices. Here are choices for colour combination that go well with the colour purple.

Black & Navy

You can never go wrong with this colour combination as black complements virtually every colour you can think of. So whatever the occasion the purple can fit nicely with a black or navy dress. For instance this Solid Shoulder detail dress when paired with a purple pashmina like a violet purple cashmere wrap will look wonderful and whether you decide to pick it for a casual evening out or a hot lazy afternoon walk, you can’t go wrong. This embroidered lace hem dress in navy will match perfectly a purple wrap furnishing this look with flat sandals.

Faded Pink

This is a very difficult combination to pull of as you don’t want to be committing a fashion fail but with the right ideas and dress such as the in full swing dress in pink when paired with a purple pashmina shawl can fit nicely on a hot afternoon casual look.


This is a neutral colour and the most often combined colour. You can do no wrong pairing a white casual gown like the below or rocking this amazing daydream dress. Pair it with a purple cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf and you’re good to go.

Light Tan

Outfits with a purple – light tan combination speak for themselves as it brings out that feminine chic look you want to go for. The Neema utily detail dress in light tan paired with a deep plum purple Italian shawl will suit a number of looks and occasion.

It is of great importance to note that no matter the occasion and dress choice, it is of great importance that accessories should fit and compliment your fashion statement perfectly.