A pashmina is an item of clothing that has been in existence for a very long time. In the past, it used to be exclusively linked to royalty, and wearing a pashmina stood as a symbol for class, elegance, and high status in the society. Now, the use of the pashmina has spread throughout the world and it is being worn by women everywhere. A pashmina shawl has more than one use, as they don’t only serve the purpose of adding a dash of class your outfit. They serve as a cover up, protecting you from the wind, or from a slight chill in the air.

Pink is unarguably one of, if not the most feminine colour there is. It is soft, attractive, and elegant. With pink, you can hardly go wrong because it brings out your feminine side, and makes you stand out, in a good way.

Pairing your pink pashmina wrap with the right colours

As with most other colours including red, blue, and green, the colour pink exists in many shades and variants. These shades include magenta, hot pink, raspberry, light pink, and many more. Luckily, no matter what your preferred shade is, you can find it here. Keep reading to discover some awesome ways to style a shawl in different shades of pink.

Magenta pink plus yellow

A dark and sexy shade of pink like magenta is the perfect option to pair with a bright and attention grabbing colour like yellow. A magenta pink cashmere wrap for instance would look amazing when draped over this Schiffley Panel Tie Shoulder Dress.

Blush pink plus black

While blush pink may not be everyone’s colour when worn alone, it looks amazing when paired with dark colours. The darkness of black especially creates a balance with the paleness and mutedness of blush. This FMW Floral Lace Skater Dress contains some hints of pink and would look divine when worn with any pink blush cashmere pashmina wraps.

Raspberry plus white

White is the lightest colour on the colour wheel, and it signifies peace and tranquility. White is an amazing colour because it can be paired with anything and still look good. Raspberry is juicy shade of pink and an ideal pink shawl to keep in your wardrobe. Why not try a raspberry Italian shawl with this FMW Lace Neckline Pencil Dress.

Light blue plus light pink

Pastel colours are the lightest colours in any family of colours. They include lavender, light blue, aqua, and light pink. If you want to hop on the pastel train, there are many ways to do so. You could wear a monochrome pastel outfit, or you could colour block with pastel colours in different shades, i.e., light blue outfit paired with lightly coloured pink wrap. An amazing outfit to a picnic would be this Ruffle Wrap Dress paired with this Light Pink Cashmere wrap.

Other great colour combinations using a pink pashmina include hot pink plus a light shade of mint and a bright shade of red. Opt for the Italian pashmina wrap or the pink cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf for the perfect match.

When you follow the helpful tips above, you will be able to make the most of your pink pashmina, and you’ll look awesome everywhere you go.