Ever wondered why a cashmere pashmina is so unique? Made from the hairs one of the rarest goats in the world, cashmere scarves are deserving of every ounce of admiration accorded to them. Originally found in the valley of Kashmir in India, each of these special goats produces 80 to 170 grams of cashmere once a year.

The raw cashmere is then processed and woven by skilled weavers to produce a ‘pashmina’. Apart from its soft feel and alluring weaving patterns, pashminas are also loved for their versatility. Young and old, men and women have found cashmere shawls useful in their everyday lives.

Colour Matching your Navy Pashmina Shawl

A dark blue colour, the navy colour is loved by many. Similar to the black colour, navy blue is capable of matching several colours irrespective of their shades. Looking for a cashmere scarf capable of matching every outfit? You certainly should set your eyes on a navy pashmina.


A great colour, grey is legendary as it matches several colours. Perhaps it is your birthday and you’ll love to wear something extra pleasant to work; try this lovely Petite Grey Cropped Trouser. Stylishly fold a navy wrap into a belt piece; wear with your trouser. Pair your outfit with a nice blouse and heels.


A bright shade of the yellow colour, lemon is very appealing. A lemon coloured outfit is perfect for a gloomy day as it glimmers all over you. On a chilly day, wear this beautiful Lemon Tapered Short Sleeve Jumper and pair with this fancy Mid Wash Straight Leg Jean. Then, roll a dark navy pashmina wrap around your neck and tuck in your jumper. With this outfit, you’ll feel maximum warmth while looking like a fashion star.


Do you have a big special event in sight? This Black High Low Lace Fit And Flare Dress is waiting to be worn by you. Perfect your outfit with a navy cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf thrown over your shoulders. Like a young damsel, you’ll surely captivate everyone’s attention and steal the show.


Who doesn’t love the beauty every shade of red radiates? A mixture of more red and less yellow, coral is sure an exciting colour. Looking to wear something sultry for the night? Look no further as this Coral Lace Shift Dress is the best for your special night. Spice it up with a navy shawl flicked over your shoulders.


Similar to the beige or tan colour, the nude colour is a lovely one. During winter, wearing this Nude Texture Knitted top with this Petite Nude Faux Leather Biker Jacket will save you from catching a severe cold. To feel extra warm and cosy, wrap yourself in a navy 100 percent pure cashmere scarf. Also, wear comfortable socks and gloves.

Now that you know that navy wrap are perfect for every occasion, it is high-time you had let them be a part of your fashion collection.