A pashmina is an item of clothing that has existed for centuries. In the past, it used to be exclusively linked to royalty, and wearing a pashmina stood as a symbol for class, elegance, and high status in the society. As time passed, the use of the pashmina spread through and past its native country to become one of the most used clothing items in the world.

Apart from its aesthetic and fashion benefits, pashminas act as a cover up that protect you from the cold or medium chills in an air conditioned room. No matter the season – summer, winter, fall, or spring – a pashmina scarf can be worn.

A family of colours known as pastel colours are unique because of their cool and calm undertones. They are usually the lightest shades of any particular colour hue. Pastel colours include baby pink, aqua, lavender, Lilac, and light grey.

Pairing your lilac pashmina scarf with the right colours

When it comes to dressing up and assembling outfits, a very important factor to consider is the colour combination. The right colour pairing can make an outfit and the wrong one will break it. Here are some colour options to use your lilac pashmina with…


Lilac and grey will look absolutely stunning on anyone when paired, regardless of skin tone or body type. Take a grey sleeveless top, a pair of grey or blue jeans, and pair it with a lilac shawl and you’re good to go. This outfit can be worn out shopping, to an informal meeting, or to other informal occasions. You can use a shawl when you know it’s going to be chilly, or if you just need an extra cover up.


One of the darkest shades of blue, navy is an excellent option when it comes to pairing a lilac cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf. A shawl like this Lilac cashmere pashmina will be a great addition to this V by Very Lace Skater Dress.


Yup, you read that right. Pair your Lilac dress or top with a lilac wrap. Lilac is one of those colours that will look great when worn from head to toe. It’s paleness will complement and do wonders for any and every complexion. You can wear them in one shade or in varying shades. This V by Very Lace Trim Shoulder Midi Dress is an excellent option. Use a lilac cashmere wrap as a cover up and you’ll look drop dead gorgeous.


Plum is another exquisite and breathtaking purple shade, and it will be stunning when worn with a lilac pashmina wrap. If you have a wedding or dinner you plan to attend, try this Infinity Plum Knee Lenght Dress and get a lilac pashmina to use as a cover up.

Bear in mind that lilac is one of the palest purple shades, so a great aesthetic effect will be created when it’s paired with colours of dark shades. Now that you have these tips, get your preferred lilac pashmina from Pashminas and Wraps today, and turn your style around.