Pashminas are soft and cosy woven wool materials. All through the four seasons, a pashmina can be worn as cover-ups, scarves, and shawls. This makes the material versatile and useful for several occasions and uses.

To further complement the wonderful soft material is the colour grey. Grey is a cool and calm colour that has the ability to complement several bright colours. Wearing a grey pashmina is a perfect way to stay warm and draw attention to your main outfit. Most people have to settle for black or brown shawls when they want a duller colour without knowing how great grey can complement other colours. If you are a fan of grey then you will understand the beauty of the combination of the two neutral colours.

Styling your Grey Pashmina Shawl

While styling your grey shawl, it is important to keep in mind the colours that would match it nicely. So, in order to help you, here is a list of colours that will match your grey pashmina.

Midnight Black

Black is one of the colours that produces grey so it makes sense that this colour would match nicely with a grey wrap. It doesn’t matter if it’s a black dress for a night out or a simple black tee to run errands or go about your day, this Light Grey Italian pashmina will make your black ensemble shine even brighter.

Grass Green

Green is one of the primary colours and there is no shade of green that is as vibrant as the green of natural grass and leaves. When styling your shawl, a green outfit would make you shine like the diamond you are. You can style your grass green outfits with a dark grey pashmina or this grey cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf. When wearing either of these pashminas with an outfit, it is advisable to allow the green colour to be visible. If you are wearing the pashmina with a skirt and top combo, you should perhaps let the skirt be the grass green instead of the shirt. The pashmina usually wraps around your top half, so in order to optimise the use of the bright colour, it is necessary to wear it as a bottom piece.

Bright Yellow

Yellow is the colour of the sun and it is also known as the colour of happiness. You don’t want to wear too many bright colours in one ensemble so a pashmina scarf in any grey shade is a perfect cover-up for a dress, a top, beachwear and other outfits. When styling your bright yellow outfit, you can use a silver cashmere pashmina or a dark grey Italian pashmina. These shades of grey help the yellow shine even brighter.

The key to styling your pashmina wraps is to make sure that it doesn’t overpower the ensemble you have underneath. A pashmina wrao are fast on their way to becoming statement fashion pieces. Some other colours that would look good with different shades of grey available are rose pink, aqua blue, cherry red and finally lilac or dark purple.