A pashmina is a very high quality shawl that has been in existence for a very long time. The luxurious pashmina has been used by different cultures, originating in Kashmir, Nepal and getting its name pashmina from Persia which means “made from wool”. It was first reserved for only members of riyak families and noble women but over time, it has spread both in popularity and use. It is not uncommon to see women in any and every corner of the world with a pashmina scarf draped over their shoulders. In the west, true pashmina scarves are commonly referred to as cashmere scarves. The stylish scarves which varies in colour and sizes are not restricted to any season.

Everyone knows of the magnificence and elegance of gold. On its own, it is one of the most precious metals in the world used in the production of jewellery. As a colour, it is one of affluence and class. Any outfit with the colour gold is a show stopper and attention grabber.

Pairing your gold pashmina with the right colours

As beautiful as the colour gold is, you should know that the pashmina colour you pair it with when dressing with colour. It is a versatile colour in its own right because it has the ability to blend perfectly with almost any colour. You have to get the shade right, though, to avoid making a fashion faux pas.

Here are the best colours to pair your gold pashmina shawl with

White: White is one of the best colours in fashion, because of its versatility when it comes to blending with colours. A white and gold outfit will scream of sophistication and glamour. You can take a plain white gown, pair it with gold pumps and a matching gold clutch. Finish off the look with simple gold earrings and a gold cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf. This Izabel Flower Stamp Summer Dress has gold embellishments, and is a great option.


What better way to look and feel like royalty than with an attention grabbing purple and gold combination? Purple used to be a color reserved solely for the royals, and today, it still denotes class and royalty. Pair your favourite gold wrap with a purple top like this Scarlet and Jo plus knot Front Tunic and a pair of jeans for a day out on the town. If you’re after something more formal, opt for a purple dress.


The orange and gold colour combination is divine, and would look great on anyone. This Crochet Lace Cold Shoulder Top is a great option if you’re something attractive to pair with your gold shawl. Finish off the look with a black skirt and black accessories.

Some other colors that will look absolutely gorgeous when paired with a gold pashmina include red, rich blue, green, and black.

No matter what the event you’re planning to go for is, throw on a gold pashmina. You’ll be sure to turn heads. Follow the color pairing tips above and you’ll definitely steal the show.