It’s quite tough for one to find apparels that are suitable for all four seasons in the year but with a pashmina, you don’t have to worry about this. Pashminas are large scarves often made from rich wool which keeps you both comfortable and stylish. Pashminas are women scarves which can also be used as evening shawls and travels wraps. With pashmina shawl there’s hardly a limit to what you can use for.

Pashminas come in a variety of colours including coral. If you own a coral pashmina and you need better ways to style or combine it so you can step out looking radiant, you are certainly at the right place. In this article, you will be given some stylish tips on how to wear your coral pashmina.

Styling your coral pashmina shawl

Coral is a lovely bright colour which oozes femininity. Despite the colour’s brightness, coral has a mild pinkish shade which is attractive but not too flashy. Below are some great ways to style your coral pashmina shawl.


A coral shawl is a perfect touch on a yellow outfit. This colour combination will keep you looking young, feminine and attractive. To pair the coral and yellow look beautifully, you can wear this cute Floral Crotchet Bodycon Dress with a coral cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf. This look will have you looking so splendid that everyone you walk past will have to take a second look.


A combination of beige and coral will have you looking like a goddess when you walk out. Despite both colour being light shades, they balance out each other correctly. For a nice date, you can pair a coral wrap with a Lady In The Sun dress and for a more conservative look, the coral Italian pashmina wrap is perfect with the Emma Polka Dress.


Cream is a lovely colour for you to pair your coral pashmina shawl with. The coral gives a splash of colour to the subtlety of the cream apparel, making you look stylish and radiant. For a nice combination of coral and cream, you can pair the Opal Mid Dress with a coral Italian pashmina with tassel finish. This combination will give you a modest yet chic look.


Blue and coral combined together brings out the best in each other. Putting on your pashmina scarf on a blue outfit will make you look stylish enough to be on a Versace runway. To channel the inner model in you, you can pair a coral cashmere pashmina with this stunning Cocktail Filled Dress. For a corporate ensemble, the coral Italian pashmina paired with this lovely Drape Dress is the best way to go. Finally, if you want a more youthful look, something you can wear out for a walk in the summer or for a casual lunch, this Printed Lace Up Skater Dress paired with a coral cashmere wrap will give you the perfect result.

To wrap up your ensemble, you could wear coral shoes, earrings or bags to match up with your pashminas. Don’t waste another second, start rocking that coral pashmina shawl today.