A pashmina is often a wool material which originated from Kashmir and Nepal. The fabric is made from a fine quality goat’s wool. Over time, people have worn pashminas both for comfort and style and due to demand pashminas have become a sought after accessory that can be made from a variety of materials. The fabric was originally so precious that in Kashmir, pashmina means “soft gold”.

Even until today, pashmina scarves remain in fashion. Women all over the world wear them to adorn themselves. Pashminas come in different length and colours which makes them very trendy.

Styling a camel pashmina shawl

Camel is a light brownish colour which is often referred to as nude in the fashion world. The colour came into the fashion trend three years ago and it does not seem like it would be going out anytime soon. If you have a camel pashmina and you need tips on stylish ways to wear it, below are tips for you. There are a number of ways to style your camel shawl and some of them include;


Red is a bright colour which makes camel pop when paired together. Also when you wear a red outfit, pairing it with a camel pashmina can make the red’s brightness more subtle, giving you a perfect colour match. To get this perfect colour match, you can pair a camel pashmina shawl wrap with this Travelers Classic Solid Tunic or the Travelers Classic Essential Reversible Tank.


Beige and camel are both from the brown family, pairing them together is a very safe and classy way to go. The best option in this combination is to accessorise with other colours. With a camel wrap and beige outfit, any colour can be used to accessorise. For the perfect pair up you can wear a camel Italian pashmina with the Jamie Lace Sheath Dress or the Bardot Valeria Sleeveless Sheath Dress.


Blue has many shades ranging from navy blue to sky blue, rich blue and so on. Whatever shade of blue it might be, it will fit perfectly with your camel pashmina shawl. Camel and blue are both cool colour and so when paired together, they will give you an air of maturity and sophistication. For a classy navy blue and camel look, you can pair the camel cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf with the Lace Sleeved Shift Dress. Also on navy blue, you can pair the camel Italian pashmina with this Sleeveless Frill Hem Dress. For a casual light blue look, you can wear any of the camel pashminas with a Lace Trim Tunic and any pants of your choice.


Yellow and camel are a splendid colour combination. Wearing a shawl of camel shade on a yellow ensemble will give you a warm and welcoming aura. You can pair a camel cashmere shawl with the Floral Off Shoulder Top for a trip to the beach in the summer. For simple day activities, the camel Italian shawl paired with the Sleeveless Swing Top would be perfect.

With all these styling tips, you can now proceed to standing out in your camel pashmina.