A pashmina is a very fine quality wool shawl that has been in existence for many years. The luxurious wool has been used by different cultures, originating in Kashmir and Nepal and getting its name pashmina from Persia which means “made from wool”.

In the west, a pashmina scarf is commonly made out of a variety of materials. The stylish scarfs which varies in colour and sizes are not restricted to any season. If you have a burgundy women’s scarf and you need tips on the best ways to pair it up with your outfits, you are at the right place. Below are some very helpful tips on how to pair your burgundy pashmina.

Styling your burgundy pashmina scarf

Burgundy is a very dark shade of red, almost brownish red. The colour is subtle but very classy. Its dark feature makes it easier to be paired up with other colours. Below are great ways you can pair your burgundy women’s scarf.


Almost everything goes with grey. When paired up correctly, grey and burgundy are a very beautiful colour combination. Both colours are uncommon which will make a pair up even more outstanding. For a chic ensemble, you can pair this lovely Daydream Dress with a burgundy red cashmere scarf. This feminine look can be worn on dinner dates or on any occasion where you would love to stand out.


Beige is a very light brown colour which is an accurate colour match for a burgundy pashmina scarf. The beige colour is a summer 2018 trend and so you shouldn’t miss out on a chance to rock it. For a classy beige and burgundy look, you can pair up this beige In Full Swing Dress with a burgundy shawl.


The combination of blue and burgundy is a match made in heaven. While blue eludes coolness, burgundy eludes warmth and when you pair them up together, you get a perfect fashion combination. To get a taste of this perfection, you can wear a burgundy cashmere shawl wrap scarf with this lovely Sleeveless Fringe Shirt and Marilyn Stretch Straight Jeans. The Lace-Up Sleeve Shirt is also a perfect shade of blue to match.


What colour cannot make a perfect pairing with white? Absolutely none. Any colour of clothes can be worn with white, including burgundy. Burgundy and white is an absolutely stunning combination and you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to try it. To get this perfect match up you can pair the lovely Lace-Up Sleeve Shirt and Ami Stretch Ankle Skinny Jeans with a burgundy pashmina from Pashminas & Wraps of London.


Burgundy and black work beautifully together, especially if you would prefer a more subtle colour match up. For a chic shirt and jeans look, a burgundy cashmere pashmina and Traveler Classic Side-Tie Top paired with Sculpted Denim Leggings is perfect. For a dress the Happy Daze Dress is the perfect combination for a burgundy wrap.

Now you know just how best to match up your burgundy pashmina, go out and dazzle.