Time to time, fashion trends change with civilisation. But with pashminas, it is quite different; they have been in existence for a long time and are still trending. These pashmina wrap beauties have become a part and parcel of people’s daily routine. If you are in dire need of fancy clothing you can rely on at all times; pashminas are the exact things you need.

The colour of your favourite chocolate or coffee, brown is an aesthetic colour obtained from a combination of red, yellow and black or orange and black. In varying shades, the colour brown cannot be overridden; it stands out. Subtle and nerve calming, it is often associated with healing and warmth.

Colour combination ideas with your brown pashmina wrap

Are you ready to enjoy maximum warmth and protection? Let’s show you how to wear your brown pashmina with other outfits.


The darkest shade of the blue colour, navy is associated with boldness and intelligence. Taking that bold intelligent step at work? Wear this M&S Collection Peplum Hem Midi Dress as a good luck charm. For a sense of warmth, pair your beautiful dress with a brown cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf.


Representing beauty in several cultures, red outfits look good on everyone. If you are looking for that simple elegant dress perfect for the beach or evening stroll; try this red M&S Collection Pure Cotton Beach Dress with a mushroom brown Italian pashmina shawl. Place your Italian wrap over your shoulders and style like a waterfall jacket.


Depicting the absence of light, black outfits communicates sophistication and elegance. Travelling or on a tour within your city? This M&S Collection Front Split Slip Midi Dress or M&S Collection Halter Neck Swing Mini Dress are great dresses to move around in. Wrap up in a stunning brown wrap. Better still, this M&S Collection CURVE Satin Notch Neck 3/4 Sleeve Blouse paired with a lovely trouser will give you the look you desire.


Captivating and stimulating, yellow is the lightest hue in the colour spectrum. Looking to radiate happiness and fun? Wearing this pale yellow Classic Round Neck Long Sleeve Shell Top with this black M&S Collection Sculpt & Lift Jeggings will definitely emit so much energy and love to those around you. Finish off your look by adorning yourself with this uniquely crafted brown shawl.


Branded as the ‘ladies colour’, pink is feminine and romantic. It’s one of the colours you’ll love to keep looking at because of its pleasantness. Perhaps you’re a lover of pink who simply wants a casual dress; you’ve one in store for you. At first sight, you’ll surely fall in love with this M&S Collection Linen Blend Sleeveless Tunic Dress. For your event, pair with this mushroom brown Italian pashminas wrap with tassel finish, and some lovely shoes.

While it is no more news that shawls are very important in spicing up your outfits and looking sweet; you should absolutely get these gorgeous clothing accessories to keep up with the fashion trend, and not miss out on its several benefits.