Pashminas have been in existence for a very long time and with each passing day, more people realise its unequalled grandeur and usefulness. Many are woven from fine and rare wool including cashmere.

These cashmere wraps are made in different colour shades and mixed patterns. As time has gone on and demand has increased, more and more man-made high quality pashmina wraps have been produced. While each of these wraps is uniquely beautiful, a blue pashmina is a great sight to behold and always stands out from other shades. In different hues, they are treasures that should grace every lady’s wardrobe. Perhaps you have been searching for a go-to fancy clothing accessory; a blue pashmina is all you need to perfectly radiate your feminine essence.

Now that you have found that blue cashmere wraps are specially made to enhance the magnificence of your outfits; we’ll show you a few beautiful clothing colours you can match and mix with your blue scarf.

Colour co-ordinating your blue cashmere shawl

The colour of the sea and sky, blue looks good in its every shade. The utmost satisfaction and calmness it offers to the eyes and mind are the reasons many people are in love with this colour. Its every tone and hue radiates strength and creativity.

Grey / white

Grey is a neural colour and as such, it blends beautifully well with a great number of colours. Pairing this metallic grey Pleated Maxi Dress With Back Detail with this Cobalt Blue Italian or Cobalt Blue Cashmere pashmina is a stylish colour mix for any skin-tone. An exceptional fashion mix, it is a great wear for special occasions.

While white and grey are somewhat similar, the difference is quite obvious. People love to wear white clothing because of its light and excellent reflections. Flicking a blue cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf over a simple white tank top paired with black jeans will make you a fashion icon of your time.

Navy blue

The navy blue is a deeper blue shade and it is soothing to look upon. Amazingly, it can be paired with lighter shades in the blue family. Still doubting the fashion essence of blue pashmina wraps? This Asos Drape Satin Maxi Dress paired with a baby blue wrap will absolutely clear your doubts. Wearing this, family and friends will be awed at your majestic radiance.


Drape a navy wrap over your shoulders and pair with this Orange ASOS Design Floral Midi Pencil Dress. Perfect for corporate or casual events, complete your outfit with a pair of black heels. With necks turning to catch a glimpse of your extra sophisticated look, you’ll blame yourself for not getting a blue wrap sooner.


Perhaps you have been hunting for the perfect outfit to grace dinner with your colleagues? Why not try this daring red Love Triangle Bandeau Midi Dress With Double Frill? To achieve the flawless look you desire, pair with a dusky blue Italian pashmina scarf flicked over your shoulders. Finish your look with a smile and walk confidently. At the end of the night, you’ll realise a blue shawl are worth every penny.

Now that you know that pashmina shawls easily add glamour and class to your outfits; take the bold step and add a bold coloured shawl to your wardrobe.