A pashmina, also known as a shawl, is a coverup and it gets its name from the Persian word meaning ‘made from wool’. Worn during either summer or winter, they are a great asset every lady should invest in.

The majority are made from the finest wool and delicately hand woven. But with this comes cost and as such more affordable high quality machine made pashmina shawls have been introduced. Some of the most popular colours reflect popular colours in the fashion industry as well as time of season and their purpose.

No-one can deny the importance of black clothing because of its versatility and timelessness. Black wraps look good on all outfits and gives you the power rocker chic look. Black cashmere wraps are versatile and can be worn whichever way you desire. If worn properly, they provide you with killer looks with a touch of sophistication.

When to wear a black pashmina shawl

Since black is a multi-functional colour that goes with every outfit; black cashmere wraps for example can be mixed and matched with any outfit and worn to every occasion. Pairing a black wrap with your outfit stands you out from the crowd.

With a simple wrap, your entire outfit will be revamped and you will look like a walking bank. Perhaps you have tried wearing a black shawl to certain events but feel it is inappropriate for such; in this article, we will show you when and what to wear with a black wrap:

To a dinner

Planning to attend that special dinner with the love of your life on a cold or cooler night? Stylishly loop a black Italian pashmina shawl wrap around your neck and pair it with this Long Sleeve Lace Mini Dress. You will be the talk of the night and your date will stay amazed at your radiance…

For work

Looking to dress perfectly for your promotion at work? A black pashmina with tassels flicked over your shoulder will match perfectly with this Closet London High Neck Blouse and Mango Button Mini Skirt. Watch colleagues drool over your outfit as your pashmina wrap flows with the wind. Walk like a queen in this London Rebel Mid Block Heeled Shoes and secure your promotion…

Evening outing

Taking a stroll with family or friends? All you need to look your best is to drape a black cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf over your shoulders; pair with this white ASOS Design Lace Insert Playsuit and Embroidered Espadrille Sandals


If you are looking for a special outfit to grace that wedding you were invited to, then you’re at the right place. Intricately knot a black wrap, pair with this navy blue Girl In Mind Midi Dress and show off your sexy feet in these River Island Metallic Barley Heeled Sandals

To the beach

Wanting to look your best at the beach party? Wear this smashing red Boohoo High Leg Swimsuit and pair with a black pashmina simply tied around your waist like a sarong…

With these few tips on how to style a pashmina and when to wear it, you’re good to go. Getting some will certainly add splendor and style to your outfits. Stay winning, warm and beautiful with cashmere wraps.