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Shop our 2019 silver pashmina collection. The finest, most luxurious silver pashminas available from across the globe. Made in the finest areas of the world including Nepal & Italy and exclusive to Pashminas & Wraps, our gorgeous silver pashmina collection includes silver pashminas from our two current collections; made in Italy and our stunning handmade 100% pure cashmere collection. Find the perfect silver pashmina to match to a wide range of dresses for formal occasions including weddings, balls, ladies days, dining out and more or get creative and wrap in a wide range of styles to create the ideal scarf for your daytime wardrobe this autumn and winter – Our silver pashminas also make the perfect travel wrap for flying, evening walks and cruises.

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Silver Pashminas – Pashminas & Wraps

Welcome to Pashminas and Wraps – the UK’s leading online retailer of beautiful silver pashminas. Here you can find the largest selection of high quality silver pashminas available in the United Kingdom. We explore the finest areas of the world to provide you with the finest garments in the world. Our stunning silver pashmina range includes silver pashminas from both Italy and Nepal and we are proud to sow our pashmina brand into these silver pashmina collections. We have a silver pashmina for every occasion and for every season. Explore our full silver pashmina collection today and find the perfect match for you, your outfit or the occasion you require it for now.

Our Brand – A Versatile Silver Pashmina Your Wardrobe Needs

Pashminas and Wraps is more than just a retailer – We are a pashmina brand. When you see a silver pashmina with the Pashminas & Wraps logo sown in, you know you are receiving a silver pashmina that is of high quality and is well produced. Even more than that, our brand provides versatility… Each and every one of our silver pashminas from our silver pashmina collection is versatile, timeless and elegant. Whether you require a silver pashmina for a formal occasion, daytime wardrobe or to use a travel companion on your travels, a Pashminas and Wraps silver pashmina is a multi-purpose accessory that you can utilise all-year round!

Shop premium quality silver pashminas now at Pashminas & Wraps.

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