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Cashmere Pashmina Wholesale Scarves

Buy Premium Quality Cashmere Pashmina Wholesale Scarves

Shop high quality cashmere pashmina wholesale scarves now at Pashminas and Wraps. The finest, most luxurious cashmere pashmina wholesale scarves available from across the globe and now made available to approved Pashminas & Wraps retailers. Made in the finest areas of the world of Nepal and exclusive to Pashminas & Wraps, our gorgeous cashmere pashmina wholesale scarves includes our luxurious 100% pure cashmere collection. Enquire below now and become an approved retailer of cashmere pashmina wholesale scarves tomorrow…


  • Fastest growing high quality cashmere pashmina scarf brand in the world

  • Sell the world’s highest grade cashmere pashmina wholesale scarves

  • Exclusive designs not found anywhere else

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  • Buy small or in bulk

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Wholesale FAQs

To get started, simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch within 24 hours!

Once approved, we will set you up with your own unique account on our wholesale portal, where you can purchase cashmere pashmina wholesale scarves at wholesale prices.

Our live cashmere pashmina wholesale scarf portal has a live stock facility for all collections. For every colour in our Italian collection we always have available and ready to send from Italy. All cashmere items from Nepal including pashminas and scarves are ordered on a backorder basis as these have to been handmade.

The recommended retail price for current Pashminas & Wraps products is:

Made in Italy Italian pashmina collection – £29.99 – £34.99

100% handmade pure cashmere pashmina collection – £134.99 – £149.99

To open an account a minimum first order of 30 pieces is required for any of our collections. Additionally, for any cashmere collections, a minimum of four pieces is required per colour requested.

Upon requesting your order via our wholesale order portal you will receive an invoice with a full breakdown including delivery costs and any VAT where applicable. At which point we have various payment methods available including BACS, Debit/Credit Card and PayPal.

On all orders, the delivery cost will be calculated once the order has been received by the order portal. At which point, amount of pieces requested, boxes required etc will be calculated and an invoice will be raised with full breakdown provided.

From the point of receiving payment, all orders that contain our Italian pashmina scarves will be sent from Italy and received within 10-12 working days for UK customers and up to 18 working days for international wholesale customers. All orders that contain cashmere pieces, require 4-5 weeks from us to get them handmade and sent out from Nepal for UK customers. International customers can expect a delivery within 5-6 weeks from receiving payment.


If you are interested in becoming a customer of our cashmere pashmina wholesale scarves, please fill out our wholesale form below.

NB: Our cashmere pashmina scarves are in big demand – as such we follow certain criteria for approving retailers to sell our brand – please fill in as much detail as you can regarding your business, so we can gain a better understanding of your company and products.

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Cashmere Pashmina Wholesale Scarves – Pashminas and Wraps

Welcome to Pashminas and Wraps – the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of beautiful cashmere pashmina wholesale scarves. Here you can find the largest selection of high quality, premium cashmere pashmina wholesale scarves available in the United Kingdom. We explore the finest areas of the world to provide you with the finest garments in the world. Our stunning cashmere pashmina wholesale scarves includes our premium quality cashmere pashmina wholesale scarves from Nepal and we are proud to sow our cashmere pashmina wholesale scarf brand into this collection. We have a cashmere pashmina scarf for every occasion and for every season. Explore our full collection of cashmere pashmina wholesale scarves today and sell to your customers the exclusive P&W cashmere pashmina wholesale scarves brand tomorrow.

Our Brand – Versatile Cashmere Pashmina Wholesale Scarves Your Business Needs

Pashminas and Wraps is more than just a retailer – We are a cashmere pashmina wholesale scarves brand. When you see a cashmere pashmina scarf with the Pashminas & Wraps logo sown in, you know you are receiving a cashmere pashmina scarf that is of high quality and is well produced. Even more than that, our brand provides versatility… Each and every one of our cashmere pashmina scarves from our cashmere pashmina wholesale scarves collection is versatile, timeless and elegant. When your shop or online store stocks Pashminas and Wraps cashmere pashmina scarves, we can assure you they will sell throughout the year. Our cashmere pashmina wholesale scarves are a multi-purpose accessory that your customers can utilise all-year round – whether it is for formal occasions, accessorising a daytime wardrobe or for the use as a travel companion, our cashmere pashmina wholesale scarves will be a permanent feature in your store.

Enquire today and start selling premium quality cashmere pashmina wholesale scarves within 48 hours now at Pashminas & Wraps.

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