Pantone’s ultimate classic colour of the year, the one that kicked off Pantone’s famous awards is coming to Pashminas and Wraps this March – Its name? – True Red. This stunning colour is a gorgeous true red shade (just like its name) and will be sitting along side our current red pashmina in the colour chart for our pure cashmere pashmina collection. It encompasses a range of meanings from passion to patriotic to warmth and richness. Whatever impression it gives you, it is sure to look great as part of our 2018 cashmere shawl collection and on each and every one of our Pashminas & Wraps customers.

True Red – We Anticipate A Big Seller

True red is currently already available in our Italian pashmina shawl collection and has done for the past 18 months. It is currently one of our best selling shades in this shawl collection because it quite simply complements a huge range of outfits and colours. It brings with it a rich and elegant finish, perfect for the forthcoming formal events that the Spring and Summer has to offer. If you are planning on wearing a range of neutral coloured dresses including blacks, whites and ivories then true red is the perfect complement.

True Red – The True Colour For Christmas

Now we know Christmas has just passed us by, but the rate at which the time flies (especially as you get older), means Christmas 2018 will soon be here. True red is the perfect colour (along with crimson red) to wear in the build up to the Christmas period. Tie your true red cashmere scarf in a variety of ways or alternatively, wrap around your shoulders to create a classic cashmere wrap. The beauty of a Pashminas & Wraps garment is, they are versatile so can be used all year round!

When Can You Own One?

This shawl wrap will be coming March 2018 to the Pashminas and Wraps website and also approved Pashminas & Wraps retailers.