The 2010 Pantone colour of the year has been available at Pashminas and Wraps since we launched a little over 18 months ago. Its strikingly deep and intriguing colour really caught our eye when we were putting together our cashmere shawl colour palette.

Pantone’s take on this beautiful colour is that it combines the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green to create a beautiful and loving shade – it inspires thoughts of soothing, the calmness of tropical waters and the comforting escape from today’s fast-moving world that we live in. With all these superlatives and descriptive wording flying around, how could we not have introduced our gorgeous turquoise pashmina right from the start!

Turquoise Shawls – It’s Time To Stand Out

A turquoise shawl is quite the stand out evening shawl if you want to accessorise a formal dress and works beautifully with a range of softer, similar shades including pale blues and pale turquoise too. But if you’re feeling really confident then a turquoise wrap will go strikingly well with a neutral black dress, and finished off with matching turquoise bag and shoes. Try it for yourself and see just how complementing a turquoise pashmina can just be! 😉

Turquoise – The Celebs Love It!

They all love one. Over the years celebrities from Jennifer Aniston to Kim Kardashian have worn a turquoise scarf to complement their outfit. Many love to turn their pashmina shawl into a pashmina scarf and really accessorise up their appearance. The beauty with a shawl is its ability to be styled and wrapped in to so many different ways – this is why you will find many celebrities sporting this bold colour during the autumn and winter and right through to Spring.

What Are You Waiting For

Already available in pure cashmere this luxurious blue / green pashmina scarf is ready for you to buy today at Pashminas & Wraps.